Post Breakup Rant 1 (coz I know there will be more…)

So it’s been three days (I think), of headaches, sleepless nights, a bleeding heart, and failed attempts to be occupied. I believe I’m doing better than most girls. The vodka remains unopened, and I haven’t slashed my wrists or anything of that sort. I’ve done this before, it should be easy, right?

Funny thing happened today. I was *thisclose* to paying for a ticket to Singapore online, and when I checked my passport, it will expire tomorrow. Great. Change of scenery for a broken heart FAIL.

I’m going out of my mind, wanting desperately to go to my girlfriends who ALL happen to be not within the same zip code, worse, the same country.

I’m so tired of crying. So, I took into singing out loud lately. I have to admit, it helps.

6 thoughts on “Post Breakup Rant 1 (coz I know there will be more…)

  1. I bet it does; same as how shouting the heart out while standing on the edge of a cliff makes us feel better. it’s like a stress reliever.

    you’ll get through this. it’s not like it’s the end of the world right? there’s always tomorrow.. 😀 cheer up!

  2. too bad… had you pushed through, we could’ve had coffee 😉
    that is, if you were really meant to be goin to singapore


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